Write the letter using “you attitude

Revise Exercise 6.11.Change the memo in the textbook example into a letter using the block format. Follow the format and example in the online lesson: “Letter Format and Tips for Completing Exercise 6.11.”Write the letter using “you attitude.”Create your own letterhead (business address at the top-header).The client is Miguel Patel, 444 East Third Street, Suite 103A, Dayton, Ohio 45502. This is the inside address.Make sure to introduce and conclude properly based on the content of the letter. You may add and delete whatever is necessary to be clear and complete.When you are done with your letter, post it in the drop box below. Double check your post to make sure your file truly did attach, that it is the correct file and that the file ends in .doc, .docx or .rtf (no other formats). Submissions without attachments that can be viewed will not be graded.Attachmentsattachment2018-03-257.11.54.png

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