Recognize the function of the Hero
Give examples of real and fictional heroes
Explore different types of heroes

We have many examples of heroes in fiction and in reality. Popular Culture Studies takes a major interest in the Hero from folklore and literature. Among the questions often considered are: what makes a Hero and what makes a Villain? What purpose do heroes serve (particularly in a democracy)? How are heroes portrayed in different genres, and so on. This discussion board will allow us to explore similar points as we seek to understand the role of the Hero in popular culture. We will focus on fictional heroes since your assignment this week will deal with fictional heroes also.
First, make sure you have gone through our section on Genre. 
It seems obvious to say that popular culture isn’t created in a vacuum. Personal and institutional structures support the creation of popular culture.
Here’s a nice introduction to fictional Superheroes in the USA:
LINK TO VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRzC9G2Ogxw
Then, watch this clip from Spider-Man 2 (2004). Peter Parker’s Aunt May, explains what heroism is and why we need heroes.
LINK TO VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wes8IR-yGrU
Once you have seen these clips, take time to consider what you think defines heroism and makes a hero. How does Spider-Man fit the definition of a hero?  Can animals be heroes in your definition?
Find a short clip that relates to your concept of the Hero. Recall that your selection can come from reality, such as a news report or actual footage, or be fictional as our examples have been and your assignment will be. Also remember that we are using the term “Hero” to refer to males and females, or perhaps even animals, depending on your definition. Again, it is OK to use real heroes here in the Discussion Board but only ficitonal heroes in the assignment.
Initial Post
Due: Respond to the following based on what you’ve read and seen in the introduction section. Drawing on our class materials for the week in addition to the videos above, respond to the following questions to frame your first discussion post:

Explain how your clip fits the definition of the Hero as explained and shown in the above clips and be precise.
Describe what else you would want to include in a definition to clarify the role and function of the Hero, and how your clip demonstrates this.
Explain what attracted you to your clip, and support why you selected it.

Second Post
Respond in a meaningful way to one or more of your classmates’ first discussion posts. Don’t simply say “I agree” or “That’s great”. Instead, use the RISE Model to construct your response.

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