Reflection  journals

Four Pages For Two Questions
Wald, Gayle. “Just a girl? Rock music, feminism, and the cultural construction of female youth.” Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 23.3 (1998): 585-610.
Weidhase, Nathalie. “‘Beyoncé feminism’ and the contestation of the black feminist body.” Celebrity Studies 6.1 (2015): 128-131.
Durham, Aisha, Brittney C. Cooper, and Susana M. Morris. “The stage hip-hop feminism built: A new directions essay.” Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 38.3 (2013): 721-737.
Watch the video then write one page according the instructions:
Harris-Perry, Melissa. “Beyonce drops her ‘feminist manifesto.’” Noninfinitum. MSNBC. YouTube. Dec 14, 2013.
Students will submit a series of reflections on the course material for grading.  These reflections may take any form, but must include: 1) reference to the course material or one theoretical concept for the week and 2) relation to one’s personal life and/or a   popular culture example.  Reflections may take the form of: a written   paper, a video or vlog post, a song, podcast, zine, or any other form  of  creative work.  In the case of visual artistic submissions, a short   paragraph may accompany the work to demonstrate the connections to the   course material and personal life and/or popular culture.
Students  may submit up to 7 reflection journal  entries for grading.  Reflection  journals will be assessed using the  ICE rubric attached.  The top 5  grades will be used in calculating the  students grade for the 25% of the  reflection journals’  component.  Students may collaborate with up to  four people in up to 2  reflection journal entries.  Students who choose  to collaborate on reflection journal entries will receive the exact same  grade as their collaborators.
Reflection  journal entries should be no more than 3 pages  in length if they are  written, or 5 minutes in length if they are  produced in another form, if  you have questions about length with  respect to another art form,  please contact the instructor.  Reflection  journal entries should be  handed in prior to the start of the  class.  Electronic submissions  through blackboard are preferred,  however, if the reflection is a  physical form, it should be handed in  right at the beginning of the  class.  Each reflection journal entry  should use the theory and concepts  for the class that is about to  commence.
Open the file ( In the bottom) and write 3 pages according to the instructions.
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